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On-site Massage


On-site Massage, also known as chair massage or corporate massage, is massage done over the clothes on a specialised chair.  Using acupressure techniques to target the back, neck and shoulders, an On-Site Massage improves circulation to the brain, relieves muscle tension, relaxes the eyes, and provides a much-needed energy boost during the working day.  At Baby Turtle Bodyworks, we integrate techniques from Thai massage, shiatsu and sports massage into our on-site work, providing a thorough treatment in as few as 15 minutes. 

Whatever the size of your business, it makes sense to look after your greatest asset: the people who work for you.  A reviving fifteen-minute chair massage has been found to enhance cognitive functions, raise concentration levels, and encourage creativity and positive working relationships.  It will also reduce absences from work caused by back pain, stress, and repetitive strain injury, as well as showing your employees that their hard work and well-being are valued.

On-site massage is very easy to implement, even in a small office.  Baby Turtle Bodyworks will bring the staff and the tools – all you need to do is provide a small, quiet space for the massages.  To ensure you get the most from your on-site massage experience, it may be helpful to send a memo to employees, get a list of interested people, and allocate each of them a time slot.  That way, people know when to show up and massage time lost at changeover is minimised.